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ClaimsBelow is a list of articles that relate to claims. Please check back often as items are added to this list.

Check List Of What You Should Do In Case Of A Property Loss

If you have a loss - no matter how small - it can be a traumatic experience. Your Agent and people here at Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company want to reduce your exposure to this trauma to make it a less stressful for you. We hope the following information will do just that.

No matter what type of a loss, you must take reasonable steps to protect your property to avoid further damage.  

Protect Your Property From Further Damage.Protect Property From Further Damage:
As soon as practicable after the loss protect the property from further damage - for example:

  • In case of roof damage, tarp the roof to avoid water or other Damage inside.
  • Insulate and/or board up after fire, wind, or a break-in loss to secure property. This could also prevent freeze up or additional damage.
  • When appropriate shut off water main.
  • If at all possible during the winter, maintain heat in building to avoid additional frozen pipes or plumbing damage. If it is impossible to maintain heat, put anti-freeze into all plumbing fixtures and if necessary contact a plumber to winterize the plumbing.

Only do those repairs necessary to prevent further damage such as temporary repairs or in the situation of electrical, heating or plumbing problems where further damage can occur. Give the company an opportunity to see the damage.

Contact Your AgentContact Your Agent:
Promptly call your agent to provide him/her with the date, time & cause of loss. Be sure to give your current address, daytime and nighttime phone number or current phone number of contact person. Correct and current information will ensure that we can reach you to better service your needs.

Get Repair EstimateGet Estimate:
Obtain a detailed repair estimate from the contractor that you will be using to do final repairs. Send the estimate directly to Fulmont Mutual Ins. Co. at PO box 487, Johnstown, New York, 12095. Please note- we do not require two estimates.

Inventory Of Personal PropertyDamage To Personal Property:
Complete an inventory of your personal property - list all damaged property room by room. You can download inventory sheets from our web-site or ask your agent for them.

Additional InformationAdditional Information:
If there is additional information you feel we should have, please write it down and mail it to us.

There may be additional duties your policy requires you to do. You should review these conditions in your policy. You will find this information:

A Homeowners, Mobilehomeowners or a Farmowners policy you can refer to ML-20 ed. 6/99, pages 7, 8, & 9, items 1-6;

A Standard Fire or a Landlord Package policy you can refer to FL-20 ed. 1/92, pages 6 & 7;

A SMP, Businessowners or a Commercial Standard Fire policy you can refer to SF-20 ed. 1/88 page 7.


The information contained in this article is not intended to replace the wording in your policy. We urge all concerned parties to verify the information contained herein by reviewing their own specific policy.

While care has been taken to present accurate information, neither Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company nor Empire Web pages may be held responsible for error, omissions and/or inaccuracies that may be contained in this article. Nor may Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company or Empire Web Pages be held liable for damages or losses resulting either directly or indirectly from the use of information presented here.

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Your Claim Is Important To Us

Your claim is an obligation we assumed when we provided you with your insurance policy. Once the claim is reported to us it will be serviced by either our Company claims personnel or an independent claims adjuster. Whatever our choice of adjusters your claim will be handled promptly and efficiently.

If you are not satisfied with your claim adjustment you can e-mail us at complain@fulmontmutual.com or write us at

Attention: Complaint Department
Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company
PO Box 487
Johnstown, NY 12095-0487

We are required by law to advise you that, "Should you wish to take this matter up with the New York State Department of Financial Services, you may file with the Department either on its website at http://www.dfs.ny.gov/consumer/fileacomplaint.htm or you may write or visit the Consumer Assistance Unit, NYS Department of Financial Services, 25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004-2319 or One Commercial Plaza, Albany, NY 12257.

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Professional Restoration Services

To protect your property at the time of water, smoke, or fire damage, contact a professional restoration service as soon as possible.

As a policyholder, you never need to despair at the time of a property loss. Let your insurance company specialists do their best job to settle your covered claim, and let the specialists in the Restoration service do their best job to restore your property to its original state. The following is a listing of various restoration services companies. They can provide restoration service for damage resulting from fire, smoke, water or other type of loss. Some also do carpet and upholstery restoration. Others will also provide construction services. An insurance professional handles your insurance needs, and a restoration professional should handle your restoration needs, too. You will be most satisfied with the results!

Company Name ACE Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.
Contact Person(s) Norman Staalesen,President
Address 385 Ballard Road, Wilton, NY 12831
Telephone Number (P) 518-587-9111 (F) 518-587-6985
E-mail Address norm@acefwr.com
Website Address http://www.acefwr.com

Company Name Adirondack Cleaning, Inc.
Contact Person(s) Gene Marlow
Address 5004 State Rte 11, Burke, NY 12917
Telephone Number 518-483-5436 or 800-339-4076

Company Name Elite Cleaning & Restoration
Contact Person(s) Sue Horton
Address 1414 River Rd., Fort Plain, NY 13339
Telephone Number 518-568-5514, 518-673-2484 or 1-800-788-1910
Website Address http://www.elitecleaningonline.com

Company Name Professional Fire Restoration Services, Inc.
Contact Person(s) David Johnson, DJ
Address 2053 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12205
Telephone Number 518-452-1831 or 800-244-2135

Company Name PuroClean Services
Contact Person(s) Scott Ferguson, Owner
Address 272 Becker Rd., Canajoharie, NY 13317
Telephone Number 518-344-4500 or 315-580-3500
Website Address www.PuroCleanSservice.com

Company Name ServiceMaster of Kingston (for Ulster & So. Green counties)
Address 41 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401
Telephone Number 914-338-4821
Website Address http://www.800respond.com

Company Name ServiceMaster of Otsego, Delaware & Schoharie Counties
Contact Person(s) Neal Burch
Address PO Box 411, Oneonta, NY 13820
Telephone Number 1-800-836-0053
Website Address http://www.800respond.com

Company Name ServiceMaster of Upstate New York
Contact Person(s) Thomas J. Harvey
Address 2A Tibbits Ave, Green Island, NY 12183
Telephone Number (P) 888-333-4488 (F) 518-237-9807
E-mail Address tharvey@servicemaster518.com
Website Address http://www.servicemaster518.com

Company Name ServiceMaster Corp. and ServiceMaster Franchises
Website Address http://www.800respond.com

Company Name ServiceMaster Pro by Integrity
Contact Person(s) Dawn Prevost
Address 4879 State Highway 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010
Telephone Number 518-843-1365, 518-827-7800, 518456-5655
E-mail Address prevost@verizon.net

Company Name ServPro of Southern Saratoga County
Contact Person(s) Ralph Rimualdo
Address 26F Congress Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Telephone Number (P) 518-885-2620 (F) 518-602-0254
E-mail Address sevpro9319@spsaratoga.com
Website Address http://www.servpro.com/franchises/enhanced_asp/default.asp?fn=9319

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Third Party Claims

A third party claim is when a person other than you, or your family residing with you, seeks to recover money from you, usually as a result of an accident. Stop!This third party is often referred to as the injured party and/or the plaintiff. Whenever an accident occurs on your property, you should notify your Insurance Agent or Company as soon as possible. It would be helpful to record as many details of the accident as you can remember.

If the plaintiff decides to present a claim against you, the plaintiff's attorney normally completes the legal work. This may be accomplished through a letter to you from the plaintiff attorney or by a summons. In either case, you should send these legal papers immediately to your Agent or Insurance Company. Your Insurance Company will normally respond and defend you. In order for your Insurance Company to build a proper defense, you are requested to cooperate with your Company and any of its representatives such as an independent adjuster or defense attorney. If someone contacts you and you are not sure who they are, before cooperating or allowing them on the loss location, contact your Company first to verify that they are indeed a representative of your Insurance Company and not a representative of the plaintiff.

It is very important that you do not communicate directly with the plaintiff or plaintiffs representative regarding the claim. If you are approached by the claimant's Insurance Company, plaintiffs attorney or investigator, or you are asked to do any of the items below, decline the request and refer them to your Insurance company's claim department. The items include, but are not limited to:

  1. all requests to sign a statement
  2. requests to take photos of involved area
  3. requests for inspection of items involved in loss
  4. requests to complete questionnaires
  5. requests to provide coverage information

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