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Automated Payments
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Automated PaymentsYou may now pay your premium by ACH (Automated Clearing House) functions. ACH is an automated, secure, direct way to pay insurance premiums. We will be offering this ACH function to policyholders to pay insurance premiums in a single lump sum or a direct payment plan of up to eight payments.

Here is how it works - You would authorize your bank to deduct from your checking account the selected amount of your insurance premium on a certain date (or dates - if you have selected the payment plan). This amount would then be transferred to our automated clearing house account.

The ACH method is strictly voluntary. Please note: you can still continue to pay your premium by check.

If you are interested in this new method of payment that will eliminate the cost of writing and mailing a check, please complete the authorization form: Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit (ACH Credits), sign it and mail it to us.

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