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Questions & Answers"What is the Replacement Value Endorsement for Coverage C - Personal Property" (form ML- 55, edition 6/99)?

For an additional premium, we provide coverage under this endorsement subject to the terms contained in the General Policy Provisions. See Replacement Value Endorsement for Coverage C - Personal Property

"Are there premium credits for alarm or fire protection systems?"

Yes, the premium credits range from 2% for smoke alarms up to 10% for a Central Station Reporting System. Contact you agent to add form ML - 216, Premises Alarm or Fire Protection System, edition 6/99.

"Is there a special credit if my home is less than 20 years old?"

Yes, there is a new home discount available to qualifies homes up to 20 years old. The credits are 10% for homes 1-10 years, and 5% for homes 11-20 years.

"Can I add special liability coverage to my Homeowners policy if I own a boat?"

If you own a small watercraft, powered by an outboard motor or combination of outboard motors totaling less than 50 horsepower, there is coverage in your Comprehensive Personal Liability which is included in your policy. If you own a watercraft, powered by an outboard motor or combination of outboard motors totaling more than 50 horsepower or own an inboard or inboard/outboard motor boat, we can attach form ML - 75, Watercraft, edition 6/99 to provide liability coverage. We will need a description of your boat, motor, top speed and horsepower.

"What if I operate a business from my home?"

Coverage under your Homeowners policy for a business exposure is usually excluded. We can provide coverage for most types of business exposures, simply and inexpensively through our new Entrepreneurship Series - Home Based Business.

"Can I purchase added perils for Refrigerated Food Products?"

Yes, we can attach form ML - 305, edition 6/99 which provides up to $500. We cover loss to contents of a freezer or refrigerator unit located in the residence covered under Coverage A/Coverage B as described on the Declarations page. We pay no more than $500. The covered contents must be owned by you. the loss must be caused by in temperature resulting from:

  1. Interruption of electrical service to refrigeration equipment. The interruption must be caused by damage to the generating or transmission equipment.
  2. Mechanical or electrical breakdown of the refrigeration system.

You must maintain the refrigeration equipment in proper working condition. No deductible applies to refrigerate food products.

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