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Policy Coverage Definitions

The following definitions apply to our Homeowners, Mobilehomeowners & Farmowners policies.

We define certain words which appear throughout the policy text in bold face type. They do not necessarily imply that coverage is provided under your policy. The definitions help you understand the coverage which is described elsewhere in the policy.

icon1. The words you and your refer to the person or persons named in the Declarations and your spouse if a resident of your household. The words we, us and our refer to the insurance company named in the Declarations.

icon2. Bodily Injury means bodily harm, sickness or disease to a person including required care, loss of services and death resulting therefrom.

icon3. Business means a trade, profession, or other occupation including farming, all whether full or part time, or the rental of any property to others. However, business does not include the occasional rental, for residential purposes, of the portion of the insured premises normally occupied exclusively by your household.

icon4. Credit Card means any card, plate, coupon book or other credit device existing for the purpose of obtaining money, property, labor or services on credit. This includes debit cards or any similar device used for the deposit, withdrawal or transfer of funds.

icon5. Domestic Employee means a person employed by an insured to perform duties in connection with the maintenance or use of the insured premises. This includes persons who perform household or domestic services or duties of a similar nature elsewhere for an insured. This does not include persons while performing duties in connection with an insured's business.

icon6. Insured:

a. Insured means you and, if residents of your household, your relatives, and any other person under the age of 21 in your care or the care of your resident relatives.

b. Under Personal Liability and Medical Payments to Others coverages only, insured also includes:

  1. any person or organization legally responsible for a watercraft or animal owned by an insured and to which this insurance applies; (This does not include anyone using or having custody of the watercraft or animal in the course of any business or without the owner's permission.) and
  2. any person while performing duties as a domestic employee of an insured.

c. If you die while insured under this policy, your protection passes to your legal representative or other person having proper, temporary custody of covered property. However, this person or your legal representative is an insured only with respect to insurance on covered property and legal liability arising out of the property. Any person who is an insured at the time of your death continues to be an insured while residing on the insured premises.

d. Each person listed above is a separate insured under this policy, but this does not increase our limit of liability under this policy.

icon7. Insured Premises:

a. Described Location:

  1. If you own the one to four family house described in the Declarations, the insured premises means that house, related private structures and grounds at that location.
  2. If you own the townhouse or row house described in the Declarations, the insured premises means that townhouse or row house, related private structures and grounds used or occupied exclusively by your household for residential purposes at that location.
  3. If you own the one or two family mobile home described in the Declarations, the insured premises means that mobile home, related private structures and grounds at that location.
  4. If you reside in the condominium unit, cooperative, apartment or rented premises described in the Declarations, the insured premises means the parts of the described location which are used or occupied exclusively by your household for residential purposes.

b. For Personal Liability and Medical Payments to Others coverage, only, insured premises also include the following:

  1. other premises listed in the Declarations;
  2. the portion of any residential premises acquired by you for your occupancy during the policy period;
  3. vacant land (other than farm land) owned by or rented to an insured including land on which a residence is being constructed for the personal use of an insured;
  4. individual or family cemetery lots and burial vaults;
  5. the portion of any residential premises, not owned by an insured, while temporarily occupied by an insured;
  6. any premises used by you in connection with the described location;
  7. approaches and access ways immediately adjoining the insured premises; and
  8. that part of any premises occasionally rented to an insured for other than business purposes.

icon8. Medical Expenses means reasonable and necessary expenses for medical, surgical, X-ray, dental, ambulance, hospital, professional nursing, funeral services, prosthetic devices, and eyeglasses, including contact lenses.

icon9. Motorized Vehicle means any self-propelled land or amphibious vehicle (regardless of horsepower, number of wheels or method of surface contact) including parts and equipment. (This includes small motorized equipment for the service of the insured premises such as power lawn mowers and snowblowers). The following categories of motorized vehicles have specific meanings as used in this policy.

  1. Motor Vehicle means a motorized vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer (including any attached machinery or apparatus):
    1) subject to motor vehicle registration; or
    2) designed for use or travel on public roads.
  2. Recreational Motor Vehicle means a motorized vehicle, trailer, or attached apparatus designed or used for off public road recreation, vacation or leisure time activities.

icon10. Occurrence means an accident, including continuous or repeated exposure to substantially similar conditions.

icon11. Property Damage means injury to or destruction of tangible properly including the loss of its use.

icon12. Residence means a one to four family house, townhouse, rowhouse, or a one or two family mobile home.

icon13. Terms as used in this policy mean provisions, limitations, exclusions, conditions and definitions.

Please check back here periodically. New items will be added in the near future.

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