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A Tribute to Kermit Weaver
Director 1953-1999

Kermit Weaver, well known and respected in the Insurance field and his community, died on June 28, 1999 at the age of 79. His legacy with Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company will be continued through two of his children: Deborah Sidney, Secretary Treasurer and Roger Weaver, Special Field Representative.

Kermit was a member of the Fulmont Board of Directors for forty-six years. In fact he was first appointed as a director at the September 1, 1953 meeting - exactly 100 years after the company was born.  He served as President for 11 years from 1963 to 1974 and then for another 3 years between 1977 to 1980 for a total term of 14 years.    Kermit was a member of the executive committee for 23 years from 1972 to April of 1995.  When Kermit declined to serve on the executive committee - it was the first year since the Executive committee was formed that he did not serve.

The 1970's, during which Kermit was President, will go down in our history as a major "turning point" to the success of the Company. In that time frame there were many accomplishments - to name a few: the conversion from a Standard Fire Policy Company to a Multiple line Company, increasing the writing territory, adding General Agents, establishing commissions, going from post to advance premiums, setting up an installment payment plan, adding employee benefits, formation of the first Executive Committee and multiple other subcommittees, formation of a subsidiary FM SCION Service Corp.

Kermit gave an extraordinary amount of time during his office of President to benefit the company. He spent many hours and days with Management, Associates, and the Insurance department helping to plan the future of our organization.

Through all the years that Kermit was President - he never had a gavel - but always managed to keep order at the meeting and effectively get the job done.  In 1996 we recognized his accomplishments during a Directors Retreat meeting honoring him with a 'gavel" as a small token of our appreciation for his many years of service.

Kermit also served as a director on the FM Scion Service Corp. Board as well as the Westport MLM Agency Board.  Both of these Corporations are 100% wholly owned subsidiaries of Fulmont Mutual.

Working with Kermit over the past thirty some years has been a rewarding experience.  I am especially honored to have earned his friendship during that time.  His fellow directors and associates will miss Kermit.

Marlene A. Benton, President
Fulmont Mutual Ins Co. & Subs

Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company

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